240 Girls Enjoy Life Skills through Sports Festival in Zarqa

Sunday 14 April 2013

On April 10th, nearly 240 girls from Zarqa and Ein Albasha gathered for a day of laughter, fun and healthy competition at a community sports festival in Zarqa. The event featured basketball and volleyball games, other athletic activities, music, surprise guest stars, and awards. The festival was the culmination of Save the Children's extracurricular program for Jordanian youth called the Life Skills through Sports, which by May 2014 will reach nearly 22,000 boys and girls in public schools throughout Jordan.  This program funded by USAID in partnership with Creative Associates is also upgrading outdoor playgrounds at 24 schools, as well as providing them with sports equipment.


The sports festival included a league championship game, in which two teams from the central region competed not only in athletics, but in demonstrating positive life skills. This activity helps the students develop basic life skills that prepare them for personal success and employment in the knowledge economy. Through this program Save the Children provides an opportunity for youth to enhance their physical well-being and build their self-confidence.

"Ever since I began participating in the Life Skills through Sports program at my school, I became more outgoing because I felt the fun activities raised my self esteem. I look forward to each lesson we have," said Aisha, a tenth grader participating in the program. 


Life Skills through Sports is part of the Education Reform Support Program (ERSP), which prepares Jordanian students for the knowledge economy by increasing quality of public kindergartens, improving classroom instruction for all grades, and helping youth plan their careers and build entrepreneurship skills. ERSP is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education and aligns with HM King Abdullah’s vision for public education in Jordan, called the Education Reform for a Knowledge Economy.