"Amani" Campaign Launches Child Protection and Gender Based Violence Key Messages

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Through the Inter-Agency Child Protection and Gender-Based Violence awarness raising campaign "Amani", the Child Protection sub-sector has identified five thematic priority areas for 2014: unaccompanied and separated children (UAC/SC), child labour, children associated with armed forces and armed groups, violence against children and children in conflict with the law.

These five priority areas will be addressed through capacity building and mainstreaming of CP concerns into the wider humanitarian response, increased prevention and outreach activities, improving opportunities for safe and confidential disclosure and through effective referrals to expanded and improved multi-sectoral response services, including working within and strengthening existing national child protection systems and Government services to address child protection issues. This will also include continued work on alternative care procedures and strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Social Development and the Courts to identify and formalize alternative care arrangements. In 2013, the CP Sub-Sector provided multi-sectoral services to over 4,400 UAC/SC and children at risk. In 2014, the Sub-Sector aims to improve the quality of case management services, including through the roll-out of the national Inter-Agency CP & GBV SOPs, which include case management training and strengthening of referral pathways for all locations across Jordan. 

The "Amani" campaign was launched in Jordan on March 8, 2014. The overall campaign message is “Our sense of safety is everyone’s responsibility -شعورنا بالأمان ، مسؤوليتنا كمان”. 

The campaign is based on key inter-agency messages for communities, children and parents, on how to better protect children and adults from harm and different kinds of violence. These messages were developed by the Child Protection and Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) sub-working groups, in collaboration with women, girls, boys and men in Zaatari camp and in urban settings, while drawing from best practices and examples from other contexts.  The revision of the messages and the ongoing development of associated tools has been led by Save the Children International, IRC, UNFPA, UNICEF and UNHCR within the framework of the Inter-Agency “Strengthening SGBV and Child Protection Services and Systems Project”.

The full campaign messages are available in Arabic and English, including guidance on how these messages can be used, the campaign slogans, key messages, posters and supporting messages for adults and children.
"Amani" campaign images can be downloaded from our resources