Civil Society Actors and Education Experts Together Form the First Early Childhood Education Regional Working Groups in Jordan

Wednesday 15 May 2013

On May 8th, nearly 100 key stakeholders attended a national conference on Early Childhood Education in Al Hashemyeh in the centre of Jordan. The event included discussions, debates and presentations from experts within the field of Education as well as civil society partners and officials. The conference was the culmination of Save the Children's and the Ministry of Education’s Early Childhood Education regional working groups efforts to increase the number of public kindergartens in Jordan`s three main regions (North, Center and South). 

The Regional working groups were established to build partnerships and networks with public and private sectors, including civil society actors, universities and companies to support the increasing number of public kindergarten programs in Jordan.

This program is funded by USAID in partnership with Creative Associates International and aims at developing public kindergartens on a national level throughout the Kingdom. The objective of the program is to prioritize high quality kindergartens and emphasize on enhancing and improving the educational environment and facilities as well as building the capacity of early childhood education cadres within the Ministry of Education.

Additionally, the program focuses on integrating positive parental involvement in kindergartens to support their children’s cognitive and early childhood educational development.

The conference included dynamic discussions on the needs and provided experts analysis of current studies related to the kindergartens through sustainable community involvement and engagement.

AYLA Aviation Academy, a private aviation academy in Jordan is one of the main supporters of the regional working groups initiative, donating JD 10,000 in support to the program activities and efforts.

“Early childhood education is a right to every child no matter what the circumstances may be. We are thankful for this partnership as partnerships between the private and public sectors are the key behind a successful nation,” said Marwan Atallah, Director of AYLA Aviation Academy.

Early Childhood Education is part of the Education Reform Support Program (ERSP), which prepares Jordanian students for the knowledge economy by increasing quality of public kindergartens, improving classroom instruction for all grades, and helping youth plan their careers and build entrepreneurship skills. ERSP is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education and aligns with HM King Abdullah’s vision for public education in Jordan, called the Education Reform for a Knowledge Economy.