Corporate Social Responsibility: Making strides into Private Sector Partnerships

Tuesday 22 January 2013

 Save the Children's Youth, Technology and Careers (YTC) program is a component of theEducation Reform Support Program (ERSP), a USAID funded program in partnership with Creative Associates. YTC activities aims at building a framework of employability, and to prepare students for the workforce, through hands-on learning opportunities based on active partnerships between public schools and local businesses. The School to Career is one of the programs in the YTC component, which includes in-school career counseling sessions, youth livelihoods mapping exercises, school based career days and student internships in work places.  

The YTC private sector partnership is an integral part of the implementation of the program’s activities. Bank of Jordan is one of Save the Children’s active partners. By directly supporting the Ministry of Education, Bank of Jordan provided a fully equipped Career Counseling Center in Sweileh Comprehensive School for Girls in Amman, to support the Ministry of Education’s School to Career program.  

Since it has been founded in 1960, Bank of Jordan has become one of the leading banks in the Kingdom, adapting continuous development and improvement schemes in all of its activities and areas of expertise.  Bank of Jordan established a Career Counseling Center where the students of Sweileh Comprehensive School for Girls go to for career help, and career counseling sessions, putting the young females on a career path prior to entering the workplace.  

“Our partnership with Save the Children goes hand in hand with our vision of social responsibility aside from the banking industry,” said Mr. Shaker Fakhouri, CEO of Bank of Jordan “We have been investing in partnerships between the private sector and active initiatives to develop our local communities.” 

Supporting Save the Children’s program stems from the bank’s belief in the necessity of discovering and developing youth skills, unleashing their potentials and supporting various community groups especially children as a part of the bank’s social responsibility.

Nuqul Group’s FINE SCA is another active partner of Save the Children. By directly supporting the Ministry of Education, FINE SCA equipped four public girls’ schools with heavy sports equipments to promote the implementation of the YTC Life Skills through Sports program.

Life Skills through Sports (LStS) is another program in the YTC component. LStS is a life skills development program utilizing team sports such as football, hand ball, basketball, and volley ball to help the students learn basic life skills that prepare them for life and employment in today’s knowledge economy. Paying particular attention to supporting the younger generation in Jordan, FINE SCA values the significant role that sports have in shaping the personalities and skills of the youth, who play an integral role in building a bright future for our country.

“As a local business, we have a social responsibility to benefit our local community,” said Hatem Otoum, Chief Executive Officer of FINE SCA, “We see our partnership with Save the Children as a win-win situation; giving our support and having our ideas implemented to benefit local communities, that we could not do on our own.”

Over the past year, FINE SCA helped the students of Umm Salamah School paint their playground walls, and supplied girls’ schools in Zarqa, Bani Kinana, and Northern Jordan Valley with the needed sports equipments. Aside from sports, FINE SCA also focused on feminine hygiene awareness. Educational sessions were given to the school girls, highlighting the importance of the body and hygienic care. For that purpose, FINE SCA installed Nana wall units inside the schools with educational booklets for the girls to read. 

“The impact is rewarding when you see it in a motivated physical education teacher, or evolving community subjects like feminine hygiene which is a taboo in many communities. We want to continue building this initiative locally while having a global vision.” said Otoum.