A Journey Back to School

Sunday 4 October 2015



“When I grow up, I want to be a singer, sing songs for my home Syria” Ibrahim said.


"I was playing outside with my friends after school when I saw the first rocket hitting the supermarket in front of our house,” 11 year-old Ibrahim said about his experience of fleeing Syria. Leaving his house, school and friends left him sad with the realization that his life would not be the same again. When Ibrahim first arrived with his family to Jordan in 2014, living conditions were hard, and the family had no income except for the food assistance and the occasional cash assistance from different charities. After settling down in Amman, Ibrahim had missed the school registration deadline and was forced to miss the year. Instead, he started working with his father in painting houses and bleaching floors. “My father used to take me with him so that we could work faster and make more money. I couldn’t stand the smell of the paint, and I had to carry heavy equipment” Ibrahim said. 

One day, when Ibrahim was playing with his friends on the street, a community mobilizer from Save the Children approached him and told him about the Drop-in Centre (DIC) at Mahatta community centre. Save the Children established a DIC at Mahatta Community Centre, providing children engaged in labor with psychosocial support and recreational activities where children can ‘drop-in’ at any time of day. At the centre, the children are provided with informal education activities and craft-making, to give them a sense of normality and also help them build stronger bonds with the community they live in.

After six months of attending the DIC, Ibrahim registered at school and he is now in the fourth grade. However, he still enjoys coming to the DIC. “I play with my friends, my favourite is Ping Pong, I love the sound of the ball when it hits the table,” Ibrahim said.