Mass exodus as Syrian children run for their lives - Save the Children

Sunday 27 January 2013

In just one day an estimated 10,000 children and their families have fled Syria into neighbouring Jordan. The mass exodus is increasing pressure on the already stretched humanitarian relief effort there.

As fighting intensified in southern Syria almost 20,000 refugees arrived at the border. Over 3,500 people made it to the Zaatari refugee camp in the last few days.

Up to five buses are arriving at the camp every hour - the majority crammed full of exhausted people who fled with what little they could carry. Many have escaped the violence with just the clothes on their backs.

Our teams are on the ground bringing vital life-saving aid, such as food, winter clothes and blankets, to Syrian children in Jordan.

But we need your support.

Saba Al Mobasat, our programme director in Zaatari described the desperate situation: "It's freezing, wet and the camp is already over-crowded. Many of the children arriving are exhausted, shocked and terrified.

"Despite the best efforts of aid workers, the camp is reaching a breaking point. This is going to get much worse in the next few days if numbers continue to rise at such an alarming rate."

Save the Children, in partnership with the UN and Jordanian authorities, is working around the clock to help the refugees.

As well as blankets, food and winter clothing we're also providing emotional support for children who have suffered or witnessed brutal attacks within Syria.