Sports Playground Opening Ceremony at Boy's School in Jordan Valley

Sunday 30 March 2014

On March 20, under the patronage of HE the Minister of Education Dr. Mahammad Al Thneibat, the recently renovated sports playground of Shohada’ Al Karamah Secondary School for boys in Southern Shouneh in Jordan, was officially opened with a community sports festival. The renovation work and the sports festival are part of the Ministry of Education’s Life Skills through Sports program. Implemented by Save the Children, Life Skills through Sports is part of a larger Education Reform Support Program (ERSP) funded by USAID in partnership with Creative Associates International and the Ministry of Education.

The program implements sports sessions and activities that target a range of communication skills, collaborative work, problem solving, critical thinking and decision making. Over the five years of the program, it reached about 13,520 students in 100 public schools. In addition to the Life Skills through Sports activities, the program renovated and equipped the playgrounds for 24 schools.


The opening ceremony included sports activities carried out by the students, as well as students from schools in the directorates of Na’ur, Theeban and Deir Alla. The local community in Southern Shouneh also participated in the event and cheered on the students.


The sports festival is one of six festivals held this semester and included a league championship game, in which two teams from the Central region competed not only in athletics, but in demonstrating positive life skills. This activity helps the students learn basic life skills that prepare them for personal success and employment in today’s knowledge economy.