Syrian children tell the world: “We want to go home!”

Thursday 20 June 2013

In Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan, 500 Syrian children wrote their message to the world on a kite and let it fly through the air above the camp. Children tell the international community they want to go home and they want peace in their homeland. The symbolic event was organized by Save the Children to give the Syrian children a voice marking World Refugee Day on June 20, 2013.

Khaled (14) wrote his dream on his kite: “I want my freedom in my land”. He explains his dream: “We left Syria because we didn’t have freedom anymore. Freedom to me is to be able to run, play and go places without being afraid”.  Zakiria (15) drew a big blue heart on his kite: “ That is the love I have for my home. My country is my home; here I will always be a refugee”.

Sherine (16) used her favourite colours on her kite and drew flowers and hearts around it: “These colours and flowers remind me of my home”. Reema  (15) drew a big smiling heart: “Every sad heart needs to smile, even the ones that feel pain. I know my heart will smile when I return to Syria, but also the kindness among my new friends here around me make my heart smile.”



The conflict in Syria caused more than 1.6 million Syrians to flee their homeland. More than half of the refugees in neighbouring countries are children. In Za’atari – the biggest refugee camp in Jordan – alone more then 60,000 children have found refuge. Save the Children provides them with food, education and protection.

Saba Mobaslat, Programme Director for Save the Children in Jordan: “Although children are the most vulnerable in this conflict and the number of refugees gets beyond imagination, all 500 children who joined the kite event in Za’atari have a powerful message to the world. They tell us that they miss their country; they don’t want to be a refugee and they want peace in their homeland. They miss home and the life they used to live.” The international community cannot ignore their voice: the violence must end and the children of Syria have to be able to return home safely. “


Ghadeer (11): “My message to the world is: stop the violence in Syria and help us return back home.“


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Photo credit: Chris DeBode/Save the Children.